term part of speech
(short form/variant term)

Sentence example with

Sentence here...

*maybe a circular graphic to show the gathering

wey-no'-o-mehl : seasons
wey-no'-o-mok-see'hl : the seasons are turning

kee-puen : Winter
*kwo'-ror' (look in the sea life lesson)

key-lo-mok-see'hl : the season is turning into Autumn
*pa'aap, haa-moh, cheee-gery,

Kee kyah : Spring season
*nue-mee ney-puy, key'-ween
*chey-gel', kwo'-ror', mokw-chech, heyhl-kue-sleg
*hoo-leehl (for other baskets than eel,  'wer'hl-pee-terk ('ue-'wer'), per-gern, kweys-cheen

key-oh : Autumn
*woo-mehl, hoo-leehl (for eel baskets)

kee-shen : Summer
ley-chehl, kweys-cheen