aiy-ye-kwee' : a very heartfelt greeting, not used lightly, can be said to people and also to important places (your home, the ocean, the river, a prayer place)
*the longer the -eeee' is drawn out, the more attachment or feeling

"I really miss you"
"I miss you so much I could cry"
"I'm glad to see you"
"I haven't seen you for a long time"
*a common greeting would be hehl 

kel' kem 'o hey-goom' there you are again

'o-yo' hes you're here, huh? 

skuy' 'ne-ney-wo-chek'
skuy' ne-ney-wo-ch'o 


when answering the phone, a person may use 

ney-en :

a term of endearment an elder woman can call anyone ney as in 'o'-lo-mah 

no-woh :

can be used in combination with aiy-ye-kwee'

'aiy-yaaa : oh my!