kney-wo-le-p'eer : good serpeant
*can give good luck if they brush across a man's leg in certain training spots

kaa-mes : bad serpeant
*spotted about every 40 to 50 years
*don't discuss it while it's  in the river (Kee Kyah); hybernates in caves/tunnels between Pek-won and Sa'ahl
*tunnels went all the way through from Sa'aahl to Smith River, folks would stomp at the start of dance and the sound would travel through tunnels
*bodies would show up in inland lakes

wo-nue 'we-raa-yuer' (variant: wo-nue le-gaay) : "bigfoot" (literally: "ridge runner")
*will be seen by random folks around the start time of Pek-won Jump Dance
*they are considered a teacher--don't be afraid of them
*when you see them, a big change will occur in your life in a good way
*they throw  big rocks to signal it is their turn to fish so  a person should pull their nets**** (look more into this--Tolowa story)
*story about 'wild people' marrying into the big people
*live on the ridges
*don't talk about where they live or help ppl find him, protect them
*could disappear quickly

Woh-pek-'ue-mew' (variant: Woh-pek-ue-mey-wee-mowr) : the old man that went across the ocean when he left

Pue-leek-'ue-kweyr' : Creator, Spiritual being ("the one with the sharp horns on his backside")
*created the waterfall in Salyer when He visited Huep-oo country--slipped on a spring and slid down, digging a groove that is now a large waterfall
'O-loo-lek-'we-shon' : female Spirit of everything, energy that lives all around, every place you go
*gives life