aiy-yoh : *shocked* "oh my!"
*used with different levels of intensity to express severity

nee-sho'-oo : oh, sh*t! bullsh*t!

cho' ney-gey! (variant: ney-goo) : curse word, f*ck off!, fighting words
*with angry tone

k'e-me-teek! : your ass!
*with harsh tone

ya'-ah : *disgust*, *gross*

kues kwe-nee' wee' son'

tee'-nee kwe-nee sho?! : What the hell is it?

haiy-eee : *brrrrr*

'e-luue : *it's hot*

'e-gaa : *ouch!*
*used with different levels of intensity to express severity

'we-so'-oo : (curse word) trying to offend someone, you would owe payment for saying this, the worst thing you could tell someone

cher-rek'-week 'we-son' : hellish

cher-rek'-week nue soo-t'os : go to hell!

'err-naa : *umm*, *uhh*,  hesitating in speech

*wee' 'we-naa  : tip of your tongue, trying to think of a word

chee-nah : *git* (to a dog or a person that is not acting with sense, acting crazy or on drugs/alcohol)

me-teek nue ma ney-geeen' : *ughhh* you're looking with your as*hole!

k'ey-luehl! : watch your mouth! Shut up!
*with harsh tone

k'e-tey-wey : *annoyed* you're looking with your forehead (not your eyes)

'aa-wok : *solemn*, "poor thing"
*used when mentioning the name of someone who has passed on 

peesh : there you have it

yah-hech : *haha*, that's what you get, when a person receives natural consequences for their behavior

yah-ha : used when someone is being an attention seeker

tos : *term of endearment* child!

che-wah : here you go