ch'ee-shah: dog
*not supposed to be around during medicine making
*always treat your dog well!
*help you on your way to heaven, at forks of the trail on second part of the journey through the mountains, they can tell if you were a good person or if you haven't learned your lessons, burn the bridges so you can't come back to previous stages

chyer'ery : black bear
*do not eat

neek-wech : grizzly
*do not eat

video about being related to large predators - James
key-get : mountain lion, panther
*do not eat

puuek : deer

toh-soh : doe

keyp-se-neech (variant: keyp-che-neesh) : fawn

hlkey-leek-ra' : a small, digging animal (shrew, gopher, mole)
*sometimes mole skins would be hung on no'os