chey-chey-es : mosquito

choh-keek : gnat ("no see 'ems")

choh-pos : house fly

chorek'week 'ue-'werrp (variant: chorek'-week nee 'werrp) : moth (bad); moth's with red eyes that you see at night
*"messenger from hell"

chkee'yo' (variant: ch'eee-yo', ter-werr,) : cricket (black), locust
*story with Coyote (record James if he's comfortable)
wo'-key-gep : cricket
*"the one who sings acorns to sleep" -- story?

heyr-puech : ant

pue'nos (variant: hue-pue-pos, hoh-po-pos) : stinkbug

k'eyr-o-sey-gon (variant: kerhl-kerh sey-gon) : scorpion

ker-ker-ner-weech (variant: pue-lews, pue'lews) : daddy long legs

kuech-kuech : worm for fishing bait

moh-koh : lice (bug)

mo'leks (variant: mo'lekws) : clothes moth

noh-pe-t'ekws: salmon bug

*used to refer to newcomers at the Key-wet Jump Dance

*strangers that you don't know their intentions

no-so-nos : tick

pa'aahl 'ue-'werrp' (variant: pa'aahl 'werrp') : dragonfly

saa'a-goch : seaweed bug

sa'-ahl 'ue-'werrp' : miller moth (bad one)

sker-weech : centipede
*woman who makes fine designs in basketry--story? 

tey-gey' : flea

toh-teyr' : grasshopper

toh-to-nos : beetle

ter-perkws : acorn worm or bug hole in an acorn shell

ter-wer-mers : yellowjacket 

ter-wer-mers 'wo-'o'l : beehive ("bee's house")

werch-peet : potato bug larva (Jerusalem cricket)
*Yurok character -- story? look in Yurok myths

werr : body louse
*werr-ger' body lice

'weych-ken : nits, mites

'wes : spider
'wes 'wer-ner' : spider web (spider's trap)

'werrp' : butterfly 

'yekwhl : maggot

cheeek hey-goh (variant: cheeek mehl 'ee'-ee-kew "for holding money in its mouth?") : money snake
*Yurok money is wrapped in its skin

cher-ger-cher-yerh (variant: kwey-gey) : kingsnake

hlkey'-goop' : banana slug

hlkerr-wers : water dog (bad)
*don't play with these or look at them -- give you bad dreams
*'ue-ma'ah medicine 

hlkwer-terkws : frog
*try not to come in contact with them, if you see them in your house, get them out right away
*can be a bad omen

lo-chom' : toad
*a man's wife until he gets married

'wery' (variant: wer'ery', wer'er', wery-chey) : tree frog

hlmey-e-p'eer' (variant: hlmey-ee-p'eyr', hlmey-e-p'een')  :
*if you say a rattlesnake formula they won't bite you 

ley-es : snake

ley-o-lekws : water snake
*ley-o-lekw-sa' is a vertical stripe or zig-zag design in baskets

lo-chom' 'uuek : tadpole ("lo-chom' it's babies")

meykw-choh (variant: meykw-cheg) : snail

mey-wom : gopher snake, bullsnake
*plural mey-wo-mah

mer-wer-see-shleg : biting lizard
*it will cast a spell on you, harm you, it's a stranger
*see lizards if unclean and in ceremony?

wert-pers : leech

'e-skew : turtle (red eared slider?)

'ey-wom : slug

'o'-ro-wee' : lizard, dove
*woman's husband until she gets married
*when  baby girls/little girls laugh in their sleep  they say "the lizards are tickling her"