*Disclaimer: The Yurok Language Program (YLP) creates and provides educational materials to promote the spread and the use of the Yurok language. The YLP works to protect and revitalize the Yurok language for the benefit and health of tribal members, community members, and the Tribe.Β  All YLP materials are intended to be free and easily accessible to tribal members and to others who are interested in learning to use and speak the Yurok language. No YLP materials may be used for profit without the express permission of the Yurok Language Program.

πŸ—£ Announcements

'O'-lo-mah and welcome to the Yurok Language Program website! The website is always under construction as we work hard to create content and share it here. Check back often to see what's new!

πŸ—£ New in-person, virtual, and hybrid events on our calendar!
πŸ—“ Find it here!

πŸ—£ YLP will be presenting at upcoming Yurok District Meetings. Find them on our calendar!

πŸ—£ Registration is open for the Online Learning Cohorts starting in May. Click here for the registration link!

πŸ—£ "Yurok in 20!" Podcast launched September 5th, 2023! Find it here!

πŸ—£ Β The Yurok Tribe Language Program is in the final year of our grant called "Planting Seeds: Reclaiming Domains and Building New Circles" and it is all about community-wide language use--returning language to ceremonial and cultural activities, bringing language into our daily workplace, and extending our distance learning capabilities!

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