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Chyue Kee Saa'-a-goch page summary...

Click here to see a calendar for upcoming language events!

Class schedules:

-Learn Yurok Online sessions

-IN-PERSON community classes
(when safe)

College courses:

-College of the Redwoods

-Humboldt State University

Yurok language events:

-Monthly Grammar Workshops

-Bi-Annual Yurok Language Institute

-Annual Immersion Camp

-Immersion Pods

Recruitment for future projects:

-Application packets and deadlines

Kol' Hoh-kue-meen page summary...

Click here to learn more about the Yurok Language Program staff and to submit Yurok language requests!

Victoria Carlson
Yurok Language Program Coordinator

Barbara McQuillen
Yurok Language Program Assistant Coordinator

Erika Peters
Yurok Language Program Administrative Assistant

James Gensaw
Yurok Language Program Specialist IV

Brittany Vigil-Burbank
Yurok Language Program Specialist IV

Kee Laa-yo-lue-mehl page summary...

Click here to learn more about Yurok Language Program projects and grants!

ANA and other partners

Recruitment for future projects!


! 'O'-lo-mah and welcome to the new Yurok Language Program website!

! Online Yurok language every Monday and Tuesday! Click here to see the event schedule!

! March Grammar Workshop - March 13, 9 am!

What can I find in "More Resources?"

Click here to explore more Yurok Resources like:

  • Teaching Methodologies

  • Lessons

  • Printables

    • posters, worksheets, crosswords, coloring pages, color-by-numbers

  • Songs

  • Games

  • Ebooks

  • Videos

  • More!